A New Technical Blog

I've decided to start writing about my journey through the career in this blog as an archive, or a proven experiences reference.

I've graduated 2 years ago Jun 2015 and finished my military service a few months ago Dec 2016 so, the year of 2017 is my starting point to the professional real working experience.

However, I've done so much work during my study and I was very lucky to serve as a developer for the armed forces during my military service, I don't really count them as a professional working experience because programming was still a hobby for me even if I was doing some freelance jobs and got some good money but it was for fun or precisely for learn.

Having a blog is a great thing, but having is not enough, I'd some previous experiences in blogging at my Arabic blog -مدونة إسلام- since 2011 but I was too careless about it, I wrote once in a while, I didn't dedicate myself to writing, So it becomes not that kind of blogs that you may want to check every day or even every week or month, it almost dead!
That's why having is not enough, you must dedicate -a few or more- time and effort for writing, and that's what I'm really intended to do with this blog, and because it's a technical blog that means I have a lot of stuff to write about, so I think a weekly post is very suitable for me and to decide what to write about every weekend.

If you are interested in my new posts mostly will be about web development with .NET Core, NodeJS, Elixir, Angular, and some other interesting techie stuff, you can subscribe to my newsletter from here.

Thank you.

Eslam Hamouda

Software Engineer, I love making simple things with great impact.

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